Ped eWeb                      

An electronic Flock/Herd/Stud Book which gives you access to extended pedigrees, progeny lists and member details direct from the Breed Society to your own computer via the Internet.

What it does ....

Provides the Breed Society member with the tool to access the Breed Society data, in an interactive electronic format.

The following Breed Societies are currently using Ped eWeb


British Alpaca Society


Albion Cattle
Belted Galloway Cattle Society
British White Cattle Society
Devon Cattle Breeders
Dexter Cattle Society
Galloway Cattle Society
Gloucester Cattle Society
Irish Moiled Cattle Society
Lincoln Red Cattle Society
Longhorn Cattle Society
Luing Cattle Society
Red Poll Cattle
White Park Cattle Society
Whitebred Shorthorn


Appaloosa Horse Club
British Warmblood
Connemara Pony Society
Cleveland Bay Horse Society
Clydesdale Horse Society
Dales Pony Society
Eriskay Pony Society
Exmoor Pony Society
Fell Pony Society
Highland Pony Society
Irish Draught Horse Society
New Forest Pony Society
Shetland Pony Stud Book Society
The Standardbred and Trotting Association of Great Britain and Ireland


Beltex Sheep
British Bleu du Maine Sheep Society
Bluefaced Leicester Sheep
Blue Texel Sheep
British Berrichon Sheep
Border Leicester Sheep
British Rouge Sheep
Boreray Sheep
Castlemilk Sheep
Charollais Sheep
Cotswold Sheep
Devon ClosewoolSheep
Dutch Spotted Sheep
Hampshire Down Sheep Breeders'
Hebridean Sheep
Jacob Sheep
Kerry Hill Sheep
Leicester Longwool Sheep
Lincoln Longwool Sheep
Lleyn Sheep
Manx Loaghtan Sheep
Norfolk Horn Sheep
North Country Cheviot Sheep
North Ronaldsay Sheep
Ouessant Sheep
Portland Sheep
Oxford Down Sheep Society
Ryeland Sheep Society
Soay Sheep
Shropshire Sheep Society
Southdown Sheep Society
Suffolk Sheep Society
Teeswater Sheep Society
Whitefaced Woodland Sheep
Zwartbles Sheep Association


Berkshire Pigs
British Saddleback Pigs
Duroc Pigs
Gloucestershire Old Spots Pigs
Hampshire Pigs
Landrace Pigs
Large Black Pigs
Large White Pigs
Mangalitza Pigs
Middle White Pigs
Oxford Sandy and Black Pigs
Pietrain Pigs
Tamworth Pigs
Welsh Pigs


Anglo-Nubian Goats
Bagot Goats
Boer Goats
British Alpine Goats
British Guernsey Goats
British Saanen Goats
British Toggenburg Goats
Golden Guernsey Goats
Saanen Goats
Toggenburg Goats